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Find sources of Spring Water at - (  Some people have inquired where we get our natural spring water for our office. If you are interested in finding sources of Spring Water go to this website. We personally get our water from a natural spring in Danville.  However, there are a number of natural springs within an hour and half from Columbus Ohio.  The Find a Spring website list  sources of Spring Water both in the United States and throughout the world.  I and my wife have personally used Spring water for the past 5+ years. After having used Spring Water, I personally would not go back to using either tap or filtered water.  If we  travel and we do not have access to Spring Water we try only to buy water that is labeled as Artesian Spring Water (companies such as Fuji and others).

Marilyn's Organic Juicing Recipe - This is the juicing mixture that my wife Marilyn (a holistic RN)  put together and we often use when we do juicing.  Using a juicer mix together - 8 Carrots, 1 Beet with Stem and Leaves, 1 Broccoli Stem, 1 cup or more of Spinach Leaves, 4 Romaine Lettuce Leaves, 1 small Cucumber, 1 stalk of Celery with Leaves, 1 Apple including Peel (Fuji), 6 sprigs of Parsley, 1 clove of Garlic (optional but recommended), 1 small piece of Ginger Root.  If the recipe is not consumed over several days you may freeze some of it to preserve the freshness.  You may make several batches at a time pouring it into mason jars.  Then put one jar in the refrigerator and store the rest in the freezer thawing out a jar as needed.  Drink 6 oz of this mixture daily.  If the appetite is small or diarrhea occurs start with smaller amounts and gradually increase the amount as tolerated.

Brian Neill, Licensed 740-602-3167.  He moved from our office in July 2019 to a larger office space to expand his focus and direction as a practice.   I highly recommend him.  He is now located at 7720 Rivers Edge Dr., Suite 123, Columbus, Ohio.  He is an experienced Acupuncturist and the author of the book - The Benevolent Art of Acupuncture. 

Beyond Meds -   An excellent source for stories and experiences of people who have used medications and then because of negative experiences using medications sought out other alternatives.  The blog/ website has a wealth of information and sub-links that you are likely to find useful if you are looking at other alternatives to medication and it will be an excellent place to begin. 

Online Support Communities provides support for people struggling with PTSD. provide a whole variety of online networks to people connect in peer to peer support for a variety of issues. provides peer support for smoking cessation.

Beat Depression News Website  This link is a another resource that you can explore if you are interested in studies related to natural and alternative approaches toward managing depression beyond the use of medication.  They continue to update and add articles on this topic.

Truehope 888.878.3467 A program in Canada.  They offer micronutrients.  They present case histories and references to journal articles from medical, psychiatric, and psychological research on the use of micronutrients for improving neurocognitive functioning and mood regulation.  The research presented supports the use of micronutrients as an appropriate alternative and complementary approach for depression, anxiety, ADHD & bipolar disorder.  Truehope also offers an online biweekly newsletter.

Liberty Health Share - - 855.585.4237 - An alternative to expensive healthcare.  This is a Christian based non-profit organization that coordinates contributions for the sharing of qualifying health care costs between members.  This is an excellent example as a Christian Community coming together to truly support one another.  This is not an insurance company nor is it offered through an insurance company.  However, it does offer an opportunity as Christians to share in one another's healthcare expenses.  Check out the description of their program thoroughly and what they offer or do not offer.  I am personally convinced that this is a viable alternative to health insurance.  Go to their website and look at their program and if it is right or not right for you. 

Rxisk - making medicines safer for all of us - - An in depth website that lists the current benefits and side effects of prescription drugs.  You can enter in the name of a specific drug and be provided a report that you can take to your doctor or pharmacist to address concerns of the side effects of using or not using a specific prescription drug.  It also provides a way to report a side effect associated with a drug that you believe you are currently experiencing.  Your report, in coordination with others personal experiences with that drug, will be used to further research of potential side effects.  This is an independent organization is interested in keeping track of potential side effects and does not have any conflict of interest with the profit motive of pharmaceutical companies who may suppress information regarding potential side effects of their products.

Institute of Heart Math - -  They offer self help methods and resources to reduce stress and promote positive self-regulation of emotions.  They have developed a relatively inexpensive electronic device based on emWave technology that they state measures heart-rhythm coherence.  Through their research center, established in 1991, they have contributed solid research pertaining to reducing stress and discuss the relationship between maintaining positive emotional states and individual well-being and more positive relationships with others.

New Harbinger Press - - Offers a variety of psychology self help books on a broad range of topics. 

The Ragamuffin Gospel - a  book by Brennan Manning, 1990, Multonomah Publishers Inc.  An excellent book for those who feel they are in need of God's grace and forgiveness. 

Is Energy Psychology or Tapping an Effective Technique?  Here is an excellent article summarizing Energy Psychology and the use of tapping.  

I predominantly use Nature's Sunshine vitamins and supplements but use some other supplements and essential oil products as well  -  Nature's Sunshine is a well known company that has been selling vitamins and supplements for many years.  I have personally used their products for over 22+ years.  I  get about 85 - 90% of my vitamins and supplements through them.   Other than their products, I also use essential oils, toothpaste, and mouthwash through Young Living and also use a few products through Standard Process.  All three companies provide excellent products.  However, you have to order Standard Process products specifically through a healthcare practitioner (my wife has a holistic practice as a Nurse and I get Standard Process through her).  Nature's Sunshine products and Standard Process are reasonably priced and affordable. Young Living products, to me seem like they cost more than some other essential oil products but I personally like Young Living products  over others such as Doterra because in my own estimation they just seem to me to be a slightly better product (however, that is just my own opinion).  That being said, I know lots of people who also use Doterra and I know that is also a good product as well so each person just has to choose what works best for them.  If you are interested in ordering Nature's Sunshine products you can use the link above. If you are interested in Standard Process products you would have to obtain their product directly through a healthcare practitioner and my wife could help you find someone.  Finally, if you don't have someone that you currently know to obtain Young Living products from (they are sold through independent distributors) and you are interested in setting up an account for yourself to order products directly send me an email me and I can get you set up in your own account to order products from them. 

Muse 2: the Brain Sensing Headband -

I use the Muse 2 headband with my patients to teach them mindfulness skills.  It is a relatively inexpensive personal biofeedback device that monitors brain and body activities and can be used in conjunction with an app that offers a variety of mindfulness exercises to promote reduced stress and improved focus.   I can usually get a discount for patients or others wanting to purchase a Muse headband if they contact me first before buying.  What I especially like about the Muse headband is that as compared to other apps such as breath programs on the apple watch, or other online apps for mobile devices such as calm, headspace, and others is that all of those apps provide guided exercises or calming meditative instructions or stories that are designed to help you calm yourself but none of them provide you with measured feedback actually measuring your own physiological or brain functioning so you can track your progress in actual measures of calming and quieting.   If you are interested in exploring in getting a discount in ordering the  Muse headband email me at [email protected] specifically requesting this and I will forward to you the information that you need.

Inner Balance Sensor for Inner Balance Software  for Apple or Android mobile devices -  - For my patients currently using heart math breathing techniques as part of their treatment for stress/anxiety reduction or others wishing to learn more about heart math products go to the above link.  You can download onto to your I phone or Android device the Inner Balance software for free and then purchase from the above link the Sensor so you measure your practice and progress in effectively using heart math breathing techniques at home.

The information presented here is intended for educational purposes only.  It is not intended as a diagnosis or treatment recommendation for disease.  If you have any serious ailment or illness, we encourage you to consult a competent health care professional before beginning any course of treatment.

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