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My goal is to keep sessions affordable for most people - whether or not they have health insurance. My standard charge for a session is $90 for both in office sessions and online 60 minute telehealth/video sessions. I accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and most credit cards. If you wish to use your insurance I will submit insurance monthly on your behalf.  However, Life Coaching (as it is not Psychological Counseling)  is not covered under health insurance.  The cost for Life Coaching services is at the same hourly rate as I charge for Psychological Services and of course for Life Coaching you can still pay for services through Visa, MasterCard, and most credit cards.  However, please note online Psychological  services through Video Telehealth sessions are generally not reimbursed by insurance companies other than through Medicare or Tricare (I am an in network provider for Medicare and Tricare) all other insurance companies  reimbursement for services is calculated as an out of network provider.  You can contact your Insurance Company as to their Out of Network rates of reimbursement back to you as the patient for Psychological Services rendered.

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