Psychological Counseling and Evaluation

Psychological Counseling, Psychological Evaluation and Testing

Psychological Counseling Services and Formal Psychological Evaluation and Testing

I treat children, teenagers, and adults, and older adults (age 65+).  I provide Psychological Testing for IQ assessment, Personality Assessment, Psychological Disorders, ADHD, Autism, Learning Disorders, Probate Court, Disability, and Mental Competency Exams.  I treat most psychological disorders but I  have a passion for treating those with Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobias, OCD, PTSD, Addictive behaviors, Behavioral issues, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and building healthy relationships.  I provide individual, couples, and family therapy.  In individual therapy sessions Dr. Schulz uses a broad variety of treatment intervention approaches including among others: cognitive/behavioral, exposure therapy, psychodynamic, solution focused, family systems, couple communication training, relaxation training/guided imagery, hypnosis, EMDR, energy psychology, mindfulness, biofeedback, and EFT/Tapping techniques.  Dr. Schulz's personal experience of having suffered from OCD and anxiety/panic attacks earlier in his life and his years of training and experience has helped in understanding the debilitating symptoms of anxiety disorders.   Psychological Services are performed only in in the State of Ohio.  I provide both in office sessions out of my Dublin, Ohio office and through telehealh video psychological counseling through HIPPA compliant Therapysitesl software which you can access and use on your camera accessible online computer or tablet device.  I can only provide Psychological Counseling services in the State of Ohio; however, for anyone outside of Ohio and in the United States I am able to provide Life Coaching services through online Zoom sessions if that would be appropriate for your situation and need. To learn more about Life Coaching services go to the menu tab and click on Life Coaching.

Treatment Approaches with Children and Teenagers, Testing/Psychological and Evaluation, Individual Therapy, and Family Therapy

I assess and treat children /teenagers ages 6 - 18.  I also provide psychological testing for children ages 6 - 18.  I  provide individual therapy. I emphasize in working with children/teenagers using behavioral approaches as well as a Family Systems model toward treatment.  I may recommend Family Therapy sessions including parent(s) including or not including sibling(s).  I have often found that the most effective and quickest way to intervene with behavioral issues involving children/teenagers is using Family Therapy.  Families are a rule governed system with rewards or consequences.  Sometimes those rules are in chaos or uncertainty because of life changes. It is the parent(s) who are the ultimate authority establishing and maintaining these rules.  Problems often occur with children/teenagers when there is a change in the life stage development of the family unit or a major event having occurred in the family.  This often results in a period of stress until the transition has stabilized and family rules are re-established or modified  to bring back stabilization for the child/teenager and family unit.  Examples of transition and periods of chaos within a family among others include:  transition issues from moving from childhood to adolescence, transition issues  as a result of divorce or separation; remarriage and/or step-parent or significant other (boyfriend/girlfriend) interaction with the family, illness/death of a family member, or stress from a significant geographic move by the family.  

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