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I was recently scanning through some of the Apps available through the iPhone App store that can be used as a self-help tool for a variety of emotional or behavioral issues. I was amazed at the vast array of apps currently available and I suspect many more apps over time will continue to be developed. There are apps for people dealing with depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, anxiety, overeating, addictions, tips for building healthy marriages or relationships, and the list goes on. In the search box within the app store you can insert a specific mental health condition and you are most likely to find an app that addresses issues related to that condition. Some just provide helpful advice or may walk you through a guided exercise to help you in managing symptoms. Others provide a way to track and monitor symptoms or a journal to record data to assist you in managing progress toward a goal. These apps are not necessarily a replacement for intervention through a mental healthcare practitioner but they certainly may be a useful adjunct that people may find beneficial. http://emapdrschulz.com

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