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The Rules of Engagement

Every relationship, couple, family, organization, or work place has a “rules of engagement”. These rules may never be formally stated, are not commonly talked about in detail or may never even be talked about, but individuals consciously or unconsciously follow those rules.  Furthermore, it is not uncommon that if someone would comment upon one of these rules they would be met with defensiveness and a denial of any such rules existing.  Nonetheless, they exist and awareness of them is important for understanding the relationship or organization. Usually the awareness of these rules only come about after having been involved in the relationship, company, or organization for a while and are not usually apparent upon initially becoming a couple, or until one is involved long enough in a family or organization.   It is discovered through the ongoing history of various nuances and exchanges between people and how communication and conflict resolution is handled across a period of time.  Part of a therapy process for a couple or family or intervening as a coach in providing organizational coaching to a business or organization is to reveal and discuss the “rules of engagement” and to address how these rules are functional/dysfunctional and how ultimately, they strengthen or weaken a couple, family, company or organization.   http://emapdrschulz.com 

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