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Are you having panic attacks?

A common occurrence when someone is having a panic attack is to experience a pounding heart, palpitations, or accelerated heartbeat, feel shortness of breath, sweating, chest discomfort or smothering, nausea or stomach distress, numbing or tingling sensations, experience trembling or shaking, feeling dizzy, unsteady, lightheaded, or faint, and/or having a fear of going crazy or fear of dying.  Assuming someone has been previously assessed medically and were told they were “just having a panic attack”  those words are not very comforting when they are once again experiencing another panic attack.  Usually, physicians commonly prescribe antianxiety medication as that is what physicians are trained to do.  Sometimes medication helps people and sometimes it does not.  What if people were given a tool to be able to manage the onset of the beginning of a panic attack to counteract panic attack symptoms rather than taking a pill for it.  A panic attack is a physiological, emotional, and cognitive experience.  People can be taught tools that they can use to counteract all aspects of having a panic attack.  Yes, we can teach effective tools to use so you do not need to depend upon using medication for symptom relief.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that when you are experiencing shortness of breath you can be taught a rapid way to change your breathing pattern back to where you are no longer experiencing shortness of breath or experiencing a rapid heartbeat? Would you like to no longer be afraid of having a panic attack and instead know that you have the skills to eliminate panic attack symptoms?  I used to have panic attacks in my late teens into my early twenties.  I know how scary that are but no longer experience them and haven’t for many years.  I teach the same skills that I learned then (and later additional skills that I learned as a psychologist) to treat panic attacks.  People can learn to manage/eliminate panic attacks without using medication.  I am one of them who has learned this in my own life and in my practice as a psychologist I teach this to others. http://emapdrschulz.com 

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