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  • Values clarification – how life experiences and inner beliefs shape the true north for our lives
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Values clarification – how life experiences and inner beliefs shape the true north for our lives

What is your true north?  Before Google maps, Garmin and GPS devices travelers from bygone days used to use the guidance of a compass to determine the direction they were going in and to help point them toward their intended destination. It is important to ask what your personal guide is or means that helps you to determine what direction in life you are going and ultimately where you wish to head.  What is your compass?  What is your true north?  This usually consists of guiding beliefs that are personal to each of us. It also consists of what is your meaning and purpose about life and often includes a person’s spiritual perspective on life.  Is it by coincidence that you are here or did a creator place you in this specific space and time as part of a supernatural plan?  Sometimes along life’s journey we may reassess certain beliefs to determine as to whether those beliefs are still believed to be true.  The beliefs that we have been taught while growing up may be different from the beliefs that we later come to adopt on our own as an adult.  Additionally, as we go through life experiences our beliefs may be reassessed and new beliefs established throughout our lifetime.  This is part of a normal life stage developmental process. However, for each of us there is a set of core beliefs that we are likely to hold onto that remain consistent throughout our various stages of life and that provide us with insights as to what our true north is.  If our behaviors are inconsistent with our inner beliefs this may result in a conflict which may express itself in feelings of anxiety or depression.  Counseling can be used to clarify where your values are and what will help you to pursue your true north.  Http://emapdrschulz.com  

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