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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Quantum Physics, and Answers to Prayer?

Most clinical psychologists have been trained in the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).   Over the past 35+ years I have used CBT as one of my intervention skills in working with patients.  A foundational principle of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is that our beliefs influence our emotions and our decisions.  An event or event(s) occur, we form a belief about those event(s), which then invokes a feeling or emotion related to the belief we have formed about those event(s) which in turn influences our present and future behaviors.  Therapists using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focus on the patient reframing their beliefs and attitudes concerning event(s) thus shifting their thinking about those event(s) believing that by doing so they will help a patient transform their emotions (for example away from feeling depressed or anxious) and improve their mental health and future behavioral responses.  I have found this to be true with the patients I work with.  However, there is now emerging research suggesting our thoughts may even have a more powerful influence.  Quantum Physics theory lends support to the concept that our thoughts might actually be a form of “energy” (the same or similar to electromagnetic fields) that can influence the physical world around us.  As a Christian I believe this may have a correlation to spiritually.  I or a group of people pray for healing for an individual.  The person’s condition improves or is completely healed despite all odds against it medically occurring.  We call this a miracle.  Prayer is intention.  Prayer is a thought. In prayer we send positive energy to someone and healing occurs.  As a Christian belief I believe we are made in the image and likeness of God (however, we are not God) we are co-creators with God.  God’s healing flows through us to others. Thoughts do not always bring about the fulfillment of a thought or intention and sometimes our prayers are not answered but they often are.   Conclusion – what if we began to see every thought as being a transmission of energy and having a positive, neutral, or negative effect upon others and the world around us?  How would this change your life knowing this?    Http://emapdrschulz.com 

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