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Autism Causes - The Controversy

Autism Causes – The Controversy 

There is a controversy regarding the association between vaccines and the occurrence of Autism.  Mainstream medicine denies a connection; however, if one explores more deeply there is information available that is presented in a solid and well documented manner that suggests a correlation between vaccines and the occurrence of Autism Spectrum Disorder.   Children are given many more vaccines than was previously given in the past.  Some information suggests that the more vaccines one is given the more potential occurrence of vaccine injuries.  It has been documented that vaccines contain known neurotoxins. It is reasonable to suggest that the more neurotoxins that are introduced into our body the more potential damage from those neurotoxins to our mental/cognitive functioning.  Dr Mercola’s website is an excellent resource for articles written about alternative natural approaches toward healthcare.  Below is a link of one these articles about Autism. Regarding vaccines information is always the key and then you can make your own decision.  The difficulty is that this information is often suppressed or censored by design.  You have the right to know both sides and then make your own decision about a course of action to take.  Dr. Mercola’s article presents one family’s journey and the choices they have made.  https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2018/09/16/how-to-end-the-autism-epidemic.aspx   To continue to learn more about natural and alternative approaches toward mental health you can also bookmark my blog at http://emapdrschulz.com 

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