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"ADHD Like" Symptoms?

In the attached article it mentions that a leading pediatric neurologist Bruce Perry, MD, PhD suggests that ADHD is an inaccurately diagnosed condition and that the description of ADHD symptoms is generally exhibited by most children and adults at some point in their lives and that because the child fits some of the description of ADHD they are falsely given the label. All too commonly, a child’s teacher suggests to the parents that they believe their child may have ADHD and they are recommended to speak to their physician about being prescribed medication to help them.  The parents then go to their physician and medication is prescribed without fully considering the full diagnostic picture.  We then end up giving the child mind altering drugs that are of questionable long-term efficacy.  https://www.newstarget.com/2017-01-19-adhd-medication-side-effects-harm-children-big-pharma-profits.html  .   Another alternative to consider in treating “ADHD like” symptoms are behavioral based counseling and/or using other counseling/therapy modalities.  I find it particularly useful to work with a child and the parent(s) in family therapy sessions to assist in addressing current stressors in a child’s life and assist the parents in better understanding what is creating the behavioral problems and providing supportive solution-based approaches toward dealing with those issues. http://emapdrschulz.com 

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