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Muse EEG headband and Heart Math EmWavePro Software

 I have just recently begun using a Muse EEG headband device for helping patients to change patterns of brainwaves associated with having a positive influence on decreasing stress and improving focus and attention.  I have also been using the EmWavePro software for a few years to teach Heart Math breathing techniques to my patients to manage a variety of mental health conditions and have found it to be beneficial in working with them.  Patients can also purchase for themselves the Muse headband or Heart Math’s Inner Balance software and sensor to use at home to continue training in between sessions or they can choose just to use the software while in the office without purchasing anything to use at home.  It is amazing the technology that is coming out to provide patients with relatively inexpensive biofeedback devices that they can use at home in between sessions.  Below is an interesting article attached that describes the value of mindfulness and focused breathing techniques that can be used to treat mental health conditions.  ttps://www.naturalnews.com/2018-08-21-breath-focused-practices-help-alleviate-symptoms-of-adhd-and-cognitive-decline.html  To learn more about the services we provide go to http://emapdrschulz.com


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