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Improving Communication

My approach toward handling conflict between a couple is to help them build an effective way to communicate and resolve a conflict rather than responding to each other in a reactive manner that can weaken or destroy their relationship. As part of the therapy process I observe how a couple communicates to one another about an issue and assist them in orchestrating a different way of responding to one another that does not risk the potential of resentment or contempt to build up within the relationship because of a dysfunctional communication style.  The methods I use do more than just help mediate a specific conflict; rather, I teach couples skills to use in any conflict that will also help them to improve their overall manner they relate to each other. The good news is that whatever the conflict most conflicts can be resolved as the couple changes how they communicate with each other about that conflict.  I teach couples a tested, practical, communication/conflict resolution skill to repair and build their relationship.  The concepts that I use were originally developed in the early 1970’s by Sherod Miller, Ph. D, Elam Nunnally, Ph.D. And Daniel Walkman, Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota Family Study Center.  Their program became know as “Couple Communication”. The program has been highly researched, and its efficacy has been established. Research included 40 quantitative outcome studies (those that measure an effect of a treatment), and more than 30 qualitative or case studies. I have used their concepts since the early 1990’s in working with couples and found the inclusion of these methods in my practice as truly being transformational for many couples seeking help in improving their relationship.http://emapdrschulz.com  

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