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How to Find a 12-step Program

In treating addictive behaviors, I recommend to my patients attending a 12-step group.  There is value to have ongoing supportive accountability through a 12-step program.  As a psychologist, I work with individuals who are struggling with addiction.  The first step in dealing with an addiction is for the individual to recognize that they have become powerless in controlling their addictive behavior and as a result their life has become unmanageable.  This typically often presents itself where the addictive behavior has resulted in stress or loss of a relationship, job, or legal involvement because of their addictive behavior. Addictive behaviors if not addressed usually continue to worsen over time unless intervention is sought out.  Denial is common, and the person usually rationalizes that they can handle it by themselves and do not seek out intervention until the consequences have worsened to the point that the pain of the consequences of addiction becomes worse than the discomfort of reaching out to others for help.  The earlier on an addictive behavior can be addressed the easier it is to overcome.  In my practice I provide non-judgement compassionate care to individuals seeking recovery.  I address the history of triggers associated with the addictive behavior and explore lapse/relapse patterns that occur and carry out interventions to reduce the intensity of those triggers to reduce/eliminate lapse/relapse behaviors.  You can learn more about the services I provide by going to http://www.emapdrschulz.com.  In addition, here are links to websites where you can find a local 12 step group in your area.  Alcoholics Anonymous  https://aa-meetings.com/locato...  Narcotics Anonymous https://www.na.org/meetingssea... Sexaholics Anonymous   https://www.sa.org/meetings For those struggling with addiction I encourage them to find a 12-step group that they are comfortable with.

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