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Diagnosing ADHD and Alternatives toward Treatment

There are alternative ways to treat ADHD symptoms. Over my years of practice as a psychologist I have clearly observed the number of children that have been diagnosed with ADHD has increased.  On many occasions this is a result of a misdiagnosis that has been given because a parent’s or a teacher’s concerns about a child’s behavior and frustration of the failure of the child to follow directions, being disruptive of others in the classroom, or exhibiting other recurrent behavioral problems at school or home.  They then seek out the advice of their family physician who then suggests that their child perhaps has ADHD and the physician recommends medication.  The attached URL and article questions the validity of ADHD and they have some good points; however, my personal belief is that some children have ADHD and some children are falsely diagnosed with ADHD and are given medication instead of more deeply looking at what might be the source of behavioral problems or inattention. Certainly, stressful events in a child’s life can cause acting out behaviors or a difficulty in being able to focus and concentrate.  This is an area that can be addressed through other interventions managing stress other than use of medications.  As a psychologist, through counseling and other interventions, I teach people skills to effectively manage and lower stress.  It is also possible that a child’s behaviors and neurological functioning may have been affected by the foods they are consuming, the amount of toxins that are being absorbed into their system and so forth.  Sometimes symptoms are reduced or eliminated by changing the types and quality of food consumed and/or reducing exposure to toxins.  In addition, let us consider the effects of vaccines.  I will respect whatever your personal view is on vaccines; however, I have come across enough evidence to suggest that neurological problems and symptoms associated with ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder may be associated with vaccine injures. Today children are encouraged by the mainstream medical community to be given a massive amount of vaccines compared to the number of vaccines that were administered to children when I was a child in the 1960’s. Even though it is well documented that these vaccines have ingredients that have been identified as neurotoxins the default is always recommending more vaccines.  We are told that the amount of that toxin is just a small amount and that it won’t really affect us.  However, this is like being told yes you are taking something that is poison but don’t worry about it because it is not that much poison.  Does this really make sense?  Pharmaceutical companies suppress awareness of research studies that suggest potential dangers associated with pharmaceutical products or vaccines they sell.  In part, they don’t want you to know because they would prefer that you buy their drugs. We are marketed pharmaceuticals using indoctrination through commercials and peer pressure.  We have been sold the false belief that if we question the extensive use of vaccines or question the use of some medications that we are just being unreasonable and peer pressure often forces us to comply.  It is as though pharmaceutical companies want all of us to be on medication from the cradle to the grave and increasingly they also come up with new diagnoses for which they can recommend more medication or a new vaccine.  It is time to think outside the mainstream and not be afraid to ask questions and do your own research.  Also to learn more regarding the treatment we provide to go http://emapdrschulz.com  Also attached is the article that questions diagnoses of ADHD.


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