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Our Imperfect Human Condition

We are all imperfect ... we are all going to make mistakes ... and it is not uncommon that people make a few really big mistakes in a lifetime.  The human condition is fragile - we are hurt by people and if we are honest, we have hurt other people as well.  The people in our lives that we love are imperfect ... the people we live with are imperfect ... we are imperfect.  All of have fallen short in some way at some time and we are likely to have disappointed our self and others.  However, no matter what, we can pick ourselves up and go on and grow and heal and learn something from this.  This process is personal, relational, and for those whom spirituality is recognized as an important aspect of their lives, spiritual as well.  Counseling or Life Coaching involves a nonjudgmental approach that involves respect, compassion, and unconditional positive regard toward the individual and helps a person to reflect upon their personal life journey and with purpose, intent, and caring support make positive and healing changes in the present and on to the future.  http://emapdrschulz.com 

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