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  • The Heart-Brain Connection and Depression and Anxiety
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The Heart-Brain Connection and Depression and Anxiety

The brain and heart have various types of communication pathways.  We often focus on the reasoning process that goes on in the brain but the heart as an organ has its own type of intellect.  The heart communicates to the brain: neurologically (through nerves), biochemically (through hormones and neurotransmitters), biophysically (through pressure waves), and energetically (through an electromagnetic field).  We think of the brain as having an electromagnetic field but the heart actually has a larger electromagnetic field than the brain.  Heart Math breathing training incorporates an understanding of all of this science and how it can be applied to newer techniques to manage depression and anxiety.  This is one of the concepts that I use in my practice as a psychologist  http://emapdrschulz.com to better help people manage depression and anxiety as well as using cognitive behavioral therapy.  In addition, we focus on other alternative and natural ways to treat depression and anxiety www.integrativecareohio.com Here is a link to a short video from the HeartMath Institute that discusses the importance of the heart-brain connection related to the connection of the heart to the brain and how it can be used to make better choices improving how our brain functions and how to better manage emotions. 


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