Psychological Testing, Psychological Counseling,  Life Coaching, and Individual, Couples, & Family Counseling

I provide extensive Psychological Testing (ages 6 - 80+) as well as providing Psychological Counseling and Life Coaching to individuals, couples, and families.  In regards to Psychological Testing I provide testing for IQ assessments, Personality Assessment, Psychological Disorders, ADHD, Autism, Learning Disorders, Probate Court, Disability, and Mental Competency Exams).   Most of the patients whom I treat in therapy are seeking other methods to treat mental health conditions because they have found that medication alone has not significantly worked for them or given them the improvement they desired. Some seek me out because they would rather receive Life Coaching rather than Psychological Counseling.  Others come to me because they have never been on medication and choose not to use medication. I emphasize a natural and alternative approach toward mental health. If you are using medication to treat a mental health condition and it is helping you continue to do what is helpful. I want you to make what is the best choice for you whether or not that is using medication by itself, using medication combined with psychotherapy and counseling, and/or exploring how diet and supplementation or other holistic/natural approaches better or best serves your needs.  I respect any or all of these choices.  It should be about your choice!  If you choose to explore reducing a medication consult with you primary care physician before doing so. I also offer "Christian Counseling" to those specifically seeking interventions that are consistent with their Christian beliefs.  In regards to your spirituality, I take a non-judgmental approach and whatever your individual beliefs I will honor and respect your individual  beliefs.  In addition to treating mental health conditions,  I  work with relationship issues providing counseling to couples and families to improve how they interact with one another.  Additionally, where there is an expressed  desire on the part of the individual to do so, I help people  to assess and change their behavioral responses toward food/diet, physical exercise, and/or other habits that promote or decrease their likelihood of improving or maintaining their health.  To learn more about my approaches toward treatment click on the Menu button on the top right of this page and then click on About Dr. Schulz.

If you were to ask what types of psychological counseling issues I am most passionate about working with I would say - throughout my 40+ years working as a mental health professional I have worked with most psychological disorders and believe my years of training and experience in the field with a diverse and vast variety of conditions have given me a feeling of competence in treating most conditions. However, there are 3 areas that I particularly gravitate toward.  I enjoy working with couples and families in repairing and strengthening their relationships.  I also have a special interest in working with individuals suffering with anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, phobias, OCD, and PTSD.  Earlier in my life I suffered personally from panic attacks and OCD from my late teens into my early 20's. Having attended therapy through a number of different mental health professionals I leaned first hand what worked and what was not working.  It was as a result of these experiences that ultimately led me to become a mental health therapist and later a licensed psychologist.  I know personally how anxiety in its various symptoms and collection of disorders can often become debilitating and find a lot of satisfaction in being able to help individuals reclaim their functioning and joy in life, often without having to use medication.  Finally, my third area of passion is the correlation between psychological health and the  health of interpersonal relationships, and healthiness of body, mind, soul, and Spirit.  That is the reason why the practice is named Integrative Care Ohio because all of these elements combined together are important for wellness

I charge $120 for a 60 minute in office session (face to face time 50 minutes and 10 minutes completing writing notes from the session)  or for an online video/telehealth session.  I accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Health Savings accounts.  If you wish to file health insurance I will submit claims on your behalf.

To schedule an in office or online appointment fill out the "contact me" information tab at the bottom of this page.  You can also use this "contact me" tab to ask any questions that you might have.  If you are ready to schedule an appointment once I have a name and email to contact you at I will send you a link that gives you access to my online scheduling system which is available 24/7.  This is the fastest and most efficient way to schedule an appointment.   You can also contact me by email at [email protected] .   


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